Hardcover books and paperbacks

Hardcover Books and Paperbacks

Booksmith Musicsmith carries a wide variety of books made up of general bookstore selections including Cape Cod subjects, bargain books, children’s and collectibles. Our diverse sections of hardcover and paperback books are general bookstore selections with an emphasis on Cape
icon - music and vinyl records

We carry a huge assortment of Music and Video

Booksmith Musicsmith carries a huge array of music from Rock and Jazz to Classical. Come in and check out our latest albums. We are a full-service music and video store. We carry an extensive selection of CDs including Classical, Rock,
Cards and Gifts

See our beautiful Cards and special Gifts

Booksmith Musicsmith carries a unique selection of cards and gifts for all occasions. Come in and see our local flavor.

Are you looking for some rare vinyl?

Come and take a look at our WayBack Room. Rare vinyl, movies, cassettes, 8-tracks, vintage electronics, sheet music and more. Beware you may be younger when you leave..

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Vinyl, Tape to Disk Copy Service

Vinyl, Tape to Disk Copy Service

Wish you could copy your prized record onto a CD or DVD? We offer Vinyl/Tape/Video to CD or DVD music transfer service. Let us transfer your records, tapes, and videos to CD or DVD and preserve them forever. Prices start...

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Search for hard to find Music, Movies, and Books

Search for hard to find Music, Movies, and Books

Are you trying to search for an extremely hard to find novel, movie, CD or vinyl record? Booksmith Musicsmith can help. We love vintage everything. We search the world for rare books, music and movies. Over the years Booksmith Musicsmith...

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