Booksmith Musicsmith originally started in the Cape Cod Mall in the 70’s. The store is still vibrant; full of love, books and music.

Matt and Cherry Reid
We started in retail working for Booksmith and Musicsmith in the Cape Cod Mall in the late 70s. We became managers and buyers for those stores and the others owned by the company at the time, including stores in Falmouth, Boston, Florida, and the store in Orleans. When the Cape Cod Mall leases were not renewed in 1987, we went to work for Trans World Entertainment, who opened Record Town in the former Musicsmith spot in the Cape Cod Mall, and later Tape World in the same mall, and Coconuts across the street in the Kmart mall. During the eight years we worked for all three Hyannis stores for Trans World, the Orleans Booksmith/Musicsmith was sold to another owner. When that owner decided to sell in 1995, we bought the store. It seemed like it was the thing to do, and we have not looked back since.

What makes us so special? We have a thing called CUSTOMER SERVICE. We greet our customers. We know them by name (unless I forget), and pride ourselves in our ability to find for them whatever we might not have in stock. If we can’t order it new, we will find a used copy using our network of thousands of dealers. If we cannot find you a copy of a movie or CD, we can often make one for you. Our suggestion table is really OUR suggestion table, with our personal touch. We search for suggestions for our customers with specific interests. Try that at a box store. The bottom line is, we go to the end of the Earth for our customers.

We are still settling in after two years at our new location in Orleans. You will find us changing things up every day to make it a more comfortable place to shop. We are so happy here in the Orleans Marketplace Plaza, partly because it lends itself to what we need most–BROWSING. Many folks stay for close to a full hour before checking out, looking around at all the different stuff.

Oh, and we are a family business. As you may know, family-owned businesses are an endangered species not just here on the Cape, but everywhere. With the internet and extreme cost and regulation increases, it is always more difficult than the day before to stay open. Please Know that we truly appreciate your business. We have raised two girls and Vinnie with all the love that and support everyone has brought into our store. So thank you from our family to yours. Our customers are proud to support us and the community we serve by taking their business to us rather than a big chain or an internet company based in WA state. Peace.