Booksmith Musicsmith carries a wide variety of books made up of general bookstore selections including Cape Cod subjects, bargain books, children’s and collectibles.

Hardcover books and paperbacks
Our diverse sections of hardcover and paperback books are general bookstore selections with an emphasis on Cape Cod topics, bargains (remainders), children’s and collectibles. We do not generally buy or sell used books, but we do have a few collectible gems peppered throughout the store; especially in our large Cape Cod section. We also have a used book selection in our huge Bargain area and used paperbacks for 99 cents on our spin racks–usually found outside on our sidewalk if it’s nice out. We are proud that our history and politics/current events sections are NOT geared toward one political side or the other, we carry all major political titles from the left, right, and in between. Unlike most bookstores, We believe you should make your choices from all available titles. Of course, we pride ourselves on finding ANY book, in or out of print. It is our specialty.