Vinyl to CD or DVD transfer service

Wish you could copy your prized record onto a CD or DVD? We offer Vinyl/Tape/Video to CD or DVD music transfer service.

Let us transfer your records, tapes, and videos to CD or DVD and preserve them forever. Prices start at just $15 for a simple copy from your CD or DVD. Basic noise reduction is included in all audio transfers if needed, with most scratches and surface noise carefully removed. We also can do more extreme restoration of your rare or priceless recordings. Our specialties are 78RPM, personal audio letters, old formats, and transfers from modern data formats. Sure, your nephew can do a simple transfer of an old record for you on his computer, but not with the quality we will deliver.

Also, we do not have the limitations that the bigger chains do regarding your source material. We can even make a pro-looking CD or DVD cover for a truly special look for your disc. If you want material downloaded from the internet, we will pay for the download and transfer it for you to disc. When transferring your old pre-recorded material, we always check first to find you a copy of the original at a lower price. Just bring us some old gem to ask for a price. Generally, it is $25 for a finished disc, and $15 or less for additional copies.